We work to empower Darfuri women so that they can help their families and communities 


The Darfur Women Network (DWN) has witnessed first hand how empowering women refugees, through education and opportunity, creates nurturing, peaceful communities, and brings about social change.

Raising Awareness

For over a decade, genocide in Sudan has taken 300,000 lives and displaced more than 2 million people from the safety of their loved ones, homes and villages. The struggle to resolve conflict, restore peace, and provide safety to this region continues daily, but the brave people of Sudan remain hopeful. We are committed to help them and so can you!

Global Community

Darfur Women Network works to make the local and international community aware of the Darfur Conflict, the survivors, and their needs. DWN has partnerships and dialogue with local organizations based in Darfur, Chad, and the USA.

Fostering Education

Darfur Women Network sees education as the most effective and essential tool for the women of Darfur to achieve sustainable development, social change, and conflict transformation, whether they have remained in Darfur or relocated.

Our Organization

Darfur Women Network, Inc. (DWN) is a non-profit organization founded by Darfur native Mastora Bakhiet to carry out the mission, vision and activities of Darfur Women Peace & Development Network, Inc. The organization was founded by Ms. Bakhiet in November 2007. Darfur Women Network is the first organization in the United States founded by Darfur women refugees that operates in Touloum Camp, Chad.

The DWN is the only women’s organization based in the USA that is dedicated to helping both Darfuri refugees residing within the US and displaced women and girls living in camps overseas.

Our mission is to raise public awareness, provide educational outlets, use specialized programming, assist and encourage refugee women, girls and families displaced by the Darfur conflict so they may re-establish personal empowerment and flourishing communities in the face of adversity. Darfur Women Network, Inc. works with both refugees in Chad and those who have immigrated to the United States.

The Conflict

From 2003 to present day, the Sudanese Government and its proxy militia launched a violent and brutal ethnic cleansing campaign against unarmed civilians.

More than 400,000 people have died from violence, disease or malnutrition as a result of the conflict. Bombardment and blockades continue to affect the people of Darfur. As a result, survivors are displaced and flee to refugee camps or different countries. Women and children comprise 85% of camp populations. There are 12 refugee camps in Chad with populations ranging from 13,000 to 29,000 inhabitants per camp. The Darfur Women Network, Inc. targets the Touloum Refugee Camp. Touloum Camp’s population is 29,000 people. They lack basic necessities for survival and face unsafe circumstances regularly.

Our Programs

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College Preparation
Ecological Restoration
Soap Making
Fitness & Nutrition
7000 Safe Stoves
Cellphone & Walkie Talkies
Food Security & Agriculture
Water Program



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