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Where We Get Our Photos

We get the photos for the Darfur Women Network website from sources abroad and at home. Learn more below:

 Except for the image above, the photos used in our website banners come from the United Nations Mission in Darfur (UNAMID). You can find these photos on their UNAMID Flickr page. We also credit UNAMID for some of the images used in our blog posts. It is difficult to get good photos from refugee camps, where the ability to take high quality photos is limited. The UNAMID photos offer us the ability to show what life is like in the refugee camps. They show the spirit and strength of the refugee women and families, as well as their struggles. We are grateful for their use.

Some photos and videos have been provided to us directly from refugee camps in Chad.

Darfur Women Network has always had skilled volunteers that help us to further our mission. Graphic artists have volunteered some of the graphic elements on our site. Over the years, various web developers have contributed to the design of the website. 

Photos of events and speaking engagements often get provided by volunteers who participate in the events.

From time-to-time we use photos from websites that offer free stock photos, to enhance our blog, and social media posts. Those websites are Pixabay and Unsplash.


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