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From August 2018 to May 2019, Darfuri refugees who live in encampments in eastern Chad did not receive their allotted UN food rations. They were starving. We started a petition, and food rations began again. Food security is still an issue in the camps. The desert climate makes it hard to grow food. Please help us make sure that refugees continue to receive needed food. Hear the voices of the people and sign our petition!

We work to empower displaced women and vulnerable families to build peaceful and sustainable livelihood through education, social change, and resiliency.

Displaced & Vulnerable Families

Darfur Women Network, Inc (DWN) helps create peaceful communities by promoting women’s and children’s rights, and through education and child safety programs. DWN provides the financial resources and technical support that helps women refugees thrive and improve their lives.

Sustainable Development

The Darfur Women Network works to help Darfur Refugees who live in encampment create sustainable communities. This is accomplished through healthcare, clean water, sanitation, hygiene, and renewable energy.

Immigrants in the US

Darfur Women Network, Inc serves displaced immigrant communities in the US by providing support and education opportunities. DWN often partners with other organizations to sponsor community events that celebrate community diversity and connect immigrants to the larger community.

Darfur Refugees in Chad

Darfur Women Network, Inc (DWN) helps displaced families who live in refugee encampments in Chad, by providing women with opportunities for economic development, that help them nourish their families and thrive under difficult circumstances.


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COVID Prevention in the refugee camps in Chad

Solar Panels for Refugees

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