Young woman stirs a cooking pot with a stick while young boys smile behind her

7,000 Safe Stoves for Darfur Refugee Mothers Program Update! 

It’s been an amazing year so far and we are eager to share with you our continued progress working in the Touloum Camp in Chad on the Safe Stoves Program.

We’ve just had an update from the camp and were able to provide an additional 200 stoves to refugee mothers for International Women’s Day! That brings the grand total to 800 stoves to date! This is a wonderful gift and we are so grateful for our supporters, donors and the women in the camps who build these life saving tools.

This project has empowered women economically, by allowing them to provide care to their family members. This includes building rooms, purchasing new clothes, food and school supplies. The rest of the money was used to transfer their safe stoves and sell them in the nearest cities.

Trips to collect firewood by the 800 beneficiaries has been reduced by 75%. This means that our beneficiaries are collecting firewood once a month from a shorter distance, compared to those on our waiting list at four times a month at much longer distances.

Thus far, we have helped 4,000 family members by creating a healthy and safe environment. All of the refugees now know about our safe stoves and the positive impact they have had on the producers, as well as the beneficiaries.

This is the testimony from one of 50 women who produced 800 safe stoves to cover 200 widows and 600 of poorest families in the camp as well as direct impact of 300 family members of their own.  She said, “I feel as if I am a new person, I am able to purchase food, clothes, shoes to my kids, and hygiene materials, I added another room for my kids, I have seven of them in very tiny room. I will not worry about rainy season anymore. My family members believe in me and I feel confident and useful. I saved some money; it helps me with transportation to sell safe stoves in Hiriba, which is the nearest city.”

Now we are in need to 6200 safe stoves to cover the entire camp.  Your support will help us to continue the Economic Empowerment Project to those who produce safe stoves in the camp to earn money to care for their kids and to transfer themselves from dependency to self-sufficiency. 

A donation of $10 will safe mother from the firewood collection’s risks. Together we will be able to declare Touloum camp free of traditional stoves.

There are two ways to donate. 

  1. You can donate via our giving page
  2.  You can donate to the gofundme page for the 7,000 stove project.

Please donate generously!