We work to empower Darfuri women so that they can help their families, and their communities!

Three young women carry their possessions, traveling with others

About The Conflict

From 2003 to present day, the Sudanese Government and its proxy militia launched a violent and brutal ethnic cleansing campaign against unarmed civilians. Learn More

Brightly-clad women sit clustered together on the ground

Our Organization

The Darfur Women Network, Inc. (DWN) was founded by Darfuri native Mastora Bakhiet, to carry out the mission, activities, and legacy of the Darfur Women Peace and Development Network, Inc., founded in 2007. Learn More

Five women wearing bright hijabs are attentive

Our Mission

Our mission is to raise awareness, provide education, use programming, assist and encourage refugee women, girls and families displaced by the Darfur conflict both in Chad and the United States.  Learn More

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