Our Organization

Darfur Women Network, DWN, is a non-profit organization, tax exempt 501c3. It is committed to providing family services, social services, and women’s economic empowerment programs, which enable families to overcome poverty, adapt means of sustainable development, and empower women to improve their livelihood. DWN has been building collaborations with various non- governmental organizations to further its goals and is planning on applying its extensive experience to assist internally displaced and vulnerable families in Darfur, as well as other regions in Sudan.

The Challenge

Over two-million people remain internally displaced struggling with dire living conditions and left with no choice but to live in crowded camps and scattered settlements.  In addition, hundreds of thousands of survivors crossed the borders to neighboring countries, such as in Chad, Central Republic of Africa and Uganda, to live in refugee camps.  The root causes that led to their displacement are yet to be addressed.  

The majority of the internally displaced people in Darfur are women and children.  In addition to challenges with mental and psychological well being, these families are suffering from poor physical conditions resulting from the lack of access to basic social services, such as health, education, water and sanitation.    Continuous conflict in the region subject these vulnerable communities to violence and lack of protection; which consequently places tremendous challenges to their livelihood and wellbeing. 

Our Strategy

Our strategy is to identify and to meet immediate needs of the community by providing vital services to empower women to build new skills, gain knowledge, and get access to financial resources to create lasting change.

The Darfur Women Network is registered in Sudan and opened an office in South Darfur State in 2021.

Our Vision & Mission

Our Vision: Prosperous integrated communities where every citizen enjoys a dignified living in Sudan.

Our Mission: To work to empower displaced women and vulnerable families to build peaceful and sustainable livelihood through economic, social change, and resiliency.

Our Core Values

  • Empowerment
  • Accountability
  • Inclusiveness


Our programs cover the following main areas

  1. Protection and Rights for Women and Children
  2. Empowerment of Women  
  3. Sustainable Development, including food security and agriculture 
  4. Education 
  5. Health Care 
  6. Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene (WASH) 
  7. Renewable and Clean Energy


  1. Provide children with a safe environment to learn and develop. 
  2. Ensure the protection of women and children against violence.
  3. Ensure equal access for displaced and vulnerable families – with focus on women and girls – to education, capacity building, sustainable development projects and financial resources.
  4. Advance the integration of renewable and clean energy in development projects targeting power, water, sanitation, and health care.

Strategic Objectives

  1. Boost the integration of displaced and vulnerable women in social and economic development activities. 
  2. Provide opportunities for secure education, vocational training, and financial resources to equip and empower women to establish businesses and improve their livelihood.
  3. Empower displaced and vulnerable women to develop small and medium-scale businesses, to enable them to generate steady income and achieve sustainable economic growth.
  4. Establish community support networks and centers, to provide psychosocial counseling, address social norms and perceptions towards women, in order to reduce the risk of exposure of women and children to harassment and sexual violence.
  5. Rehabilitate existing water and sanitation services and construct new services as needed. 
  6. Provide necessary resources and technical support to achieve sustainable agricultural extension projects, to create resilient small economies and a source of nutritious food.
  7. Coordinate with universities and researchers to monitor and study the social impact of our projects.

We work to empower displaced women and vulnerable families to build peaceful and sustainable livelihood through education, social change and resiliency.

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