Life in the Darfur Refugee Camps Spring 2017

It’s summer in Chad so the children take on the responsibility of gathering firewood which is an all day trip. The children walk from 6 am to return at 9 pm to collect firewood for cooking and for reading at night. Their journey is exhausting and dangerous as they fight extreme winds, 107 degree temperatures and bandits. The need to decrease firewood gathering trips is necessary for their safety and their families. In addition to harsh weather and environmental challenges, there has been a serious water shortage. The women and their families who survive daily in these conditions are so brave and true warriors of what the human spirit can do.
The safe stoves program helps reduce the trips for firewood and also helps with environmental conservation issues. Darfur Women Network provided 200 safe stoves to refugee mothers in the camps on International Women’s Day 2017 as a gift. For every stove provided, DWN also donates 3 trees to be planted in or around the camps.
We pledge to continue empowering these women and their communities. Thank you to all of our supporters who are directly impacting the lives of so many. Without your help, it would be a daunting task. We ask that those of you who are new to our organization please take time to read more about us and see what you can do to help!

Update from Chad

These are pictures from the camp in Touloum, Chad. It’s summer in Chad with temperatures reaching 107.6 degrees. Students take on the responsibility of firewood collection making the 30-35 km trek to and from the forest. Leaving the camp early, around 6am, they return around 8pm which makes for a very long, strenuous and exhausting day. They are regularly exposed to violent raids, wild animals and thieves who wish to confiscate their firewood. It’s because of your support that these trips are becoming less and less necessary thanks to the provision of Safe Stoves to those living in the camps. Thank you for your continued support!

Honoring Women of Grace Event

We are pleased to announce our esteemed Executive Director, Mastora Bahkiet, will be a keynote speaker for “Honoring Women of Grace” presented by Parkview Health in Fort Wayne, Indiana March 10, 2017. The event will begin at noon and conclude around 2:30 pm. 

For more information, check the event brochure at WomenofGrace_brochure                                      or visit

Safe Stoves update – International Women’s Day, 2017

For International Women’s Day, March 8th, Darfur Women Network is excited to share that an additional 200 Safe Stoves will be made and distributed in Chad thank you to your donations and support. The stoves are hand made by DWN-trained artisan women within the refugee camps who rely on building these stoves for income. Their work provides families with a safer lifestyle keeping them from making long treks through dangerous territory. Your donations help us with the funding to provide artisans with materials needed to produce and distribute safe stoves. Your contributions affect so many families in a positive way! Thank you for your support. We are so grateful! Please continue to join us in making a difference.

Letter From the Director

Now is one of the most difficult times in our lives due to the loss of our loved one, Our Sister Saud Mansour. She was a loyal friend and kind sister for almost three decades. Both of us are from Darfur and have almost have same challenges, vision, and hope to our Darfur and specifically women and girls the survivors of genocide. We volunteered with some political advocacy organization with hope to bring sustainable peace to Darfur. We attended many conferences, training, and meeting as U.S.-based alliance of Darfuri diaspora leaders to find solution for the conflict in Darfur until 2012. She was a board member for Darfur Women Network (DWN) and Strategic Director. She was strong advocate for DWN who contributed to secure DWN’s partnership with GlobalGiving in 2013. Mrs. Mansour was co-founder of Darfur Women peace and Development Network in 2007. Suad was Darfur Activist, Public Speaker, and strong fighter for Darfur People. She always dreams of sustainable peace in Darfur and women empowerment. Ms. Mansour graduated from Ahfad University and holds a graduate diploma in Development Studies from Ireland as well as master’s degree in Organizational Management, and Leadership from USA. She has experience in women’s development in both international and local organizations. Her passion and experience have helped shape her mission of creating a strategy that guides the organization in achieving its goals and vision as well as increasing global awareness.

We will miss her and her wisdom. It is deep pain no word could ease our true feelings and no remedy could relief our pain.
Our deepest condolences to her family, to us , and to all her friends. We pray to Allah, God, to grant her Paradise and grant us patience.

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Our mission is not without its challenges. Therefore, we are in need of you generous support and feedback about the following questions:

1. How can we keep the current social impact?
2. How do we maximize our social impact?
3. What we need to do to serve more refugees?
4. How do you think about economic empowerment projects for the refugees?
5. Training our front line staff to improve their work?

We encourage you to visit us online and share your thoughts with us!
Thank you for your continued support!

We wish you a wonderful holiday season filled with love, joy and peace,

Darfur Women Network, Inc.

6,000 Safe Stoves for Darfur Refugee Mothers Update!


We are excited to share update on our 6,000 Safe Stoves for Darfur Refugee Mothers program!

Darfur Women Network offers a variety of programs that focus on the empowerment of women and their families through educational and economic opportunities. It is their success that we celebrate and we invite you to join us in reaching our goals for our Safe Stove Program and our Food Security & Agriculture Program.

6,000 Safe Stoves for Darfur Refugee Mothers Update!

When we adopted the safe stoves program, it sounded like hope to thousands of refugees; and it still is. You believe in us and it’s because of that we have been able to make that hope a reality for so many families in Chad.

Here’s what your donations have provided!

Social Impact:

  • 1000 Darfur families received a Safe Stove through the program
  • Women and girls are  more protected against sexual assault and violence
  • With a 75% reduction of firewood collection, the ecological system has begun to regenerate
  • 1000 recipients of stoves and the 6000+ that live around them no longer have threat of open fire burning in their homes as they did with the older stoves.
  • 50 refugee families have joined our Economic Empowerment Project
  • Women in Chad are now producing safe stoves to earn income to care for their children
  • 300+ children received shoes, clothes and food, as well as being protected during the wet rainy season.
  • The production group has changed the antiquated perceptions of a woman’s role by allowing them opportunity to have new earning power outside of the home.
  • The 50 women are confident, happy, and have high self-esteem because they are able to gain families and community respect.

Please continue your support to start our next 1000 safe stoves to empower Darfur refugee women and girls by donating at this link:

Food Security & Agriculture Program Update!

Food Security & Agriculture Program is one of the variety of programs that Darfur Women Network offers to refugees in Chad and those who have immigrated to the United States. It’s because of your continued support that so many families have felt the positive impact of our programs.

GlobalGiving, individual contributions and The WMware Foundation have been instrumental in supporting our success. These three great contributors are the real heroes providing 150 families with food for their families. The Darfur Women Network and the refugee families are very grateful for the strong support of GlobalGiving, WMware Foundation and individual donors. We are also thankful for our volunteers. Their commitment to donating their skills, time and knowledge in order make a real difference means so much to us.

Our program has made a significant difference in our initial target beneficiaries (widowed, orphaned, disabled, elderly and vulnerable women and girls).

Social Impact:
• With our input and training,150 refugee families are using their experience and new skillets to regain economic empowerment through agricultural opportunities.
• Refugees have built a true community relying on teamwork, selling and purchasing of goods and services.
• 29,000 refugees have learned they can eradicate hunger with new agricultural opportunities and training.