A refugee women works on a computer in an ESL class.

College Preparation Program

About The Program:

The College Preparation Program provides disadvantaged students from African immigrant and low-income families with SAT tutoring and practice tests that would otherwise be unaffordable. Better preparation leads to higher SAT scoring which better secures their access to desired colleges and future career opportunities.

The Need:

For those who have immigrated to the US from Africa, there are different challenges that young people face in preparation for college testing. The SAT test score is a key factor for most students applying to colleges. SAT tutoring and practice tests are essential for higher SAT scoring, but are expensive. Students from these low-income homes or immigrant families typically have the disadvantages of inadequate education and suffer language barriers that hinder learning and comprehension. Most have minimal or no access to SAT tutoring and college preparation due to the high cost of these specialized classes. Without these preparatory testing classes, it is unlikely they will have the same opportunity for higher education options.

How We Can Make This Happen:

A solid SAT score is vital to college entry. For most, a college degree is necessary to even be considered for a job. We provide students from immigrant family’s equal opportunity to SAT tutoring and practice test classes. Specialized classes help students develop a deeper understanding of problem-solving, critical thinking, reading, vocabulary, writing structure and time management. By supporting this program, donating your time or volunteering as a tutor, you can help us give these students the opportunity for the bright future they deserve.

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