Food Security & Agriculture Program Update!

Food Security & Agriculture Program is one of the variety of programs that Darfur Women Network offers to refugees in Chad and those who have immigrated to the United States. It’s because of your continued support that so many families have felt the positive impact of our programs.

GlobalGiving, individual contributions and The WMware Foundation have been instrumental in supporting our success. These three great contributors are the real heroes providing 150 families with food for their families. The Darfur Women Network and the refugee families are very grateful for the strong support of GlobalGiving, WMware Foundation and individual donors. We are also thankful for our volunteers. Their commitment to donating their skills, time and knowledge in order make a real difference means so much to us.

Our program has made a significant difference in our initial target beneficiaries (widowed, orphaned, disabled, elderly and vulnerable women and girls).

Social Impact:
• With our input and training,150 refugee families are using their experience and new skillets to regain economic empowerment through agricultural opportunities.
• Refugees have built a true community relying on teamwork, selling and purchasing of goods and services.
• 29,000 refugees have learned they can eradicate hunger with new agricultural opportunities and training.