Letter From the Director

Now is one of the most difficult times in our lives due to the loss of our loved one, Our Sister Saud Mansour. She was a loyal friend and kind sister for almost three decades. Both of us are from Darfur and have almost have same challenges, vision, and hope to our Darfur and specifically women and girls the survivors of genocide. We volunteered with some political advocacy organization with hope to bring sustainable peace to Darfur. We attended many conferences, training, and meeting as U.S.-based alliance of Darfuri diaspora leaders to find solution for the conflict in Darfur until 2012. She was a board member for Darfur Women Network (DWN) and Strategic Director. She was strong advocate for DWN who contributed to secure DWN’s partnership with GlobalGiving in 2013. Mrs. Mansour was co-founder of Darfur Women peace and Development Network in 2007. Suad was Darfur Activist, Public Speaker, and strong fighter for Darfur People. She always dreams of sustainable peace in Darfur and women empowerment. Ms. Mansour graduated from Ahfad University and holds a graduate diploma in Development Studies from Ireland as well as master’s degree in Organizational Management, and Leadership from USA. She has experience in women’s development in both international and local organizations. Her passion and experience have helped shape her mission of creating a strategy that guides the organization in achieving its goals and vision as well as increasing global awareness.

We will miss her and her wisdom. It is deep pain no word could ease our true feelings and no remedy could relief our pain.
Our deepest condolences to her family, to us , and to all her friends. We pray to Allah, God, to grant her Paradise and grant us patience.