Life in the Darfur Refugee Camps Spring 2017

It’s summer in Chad so the children take on the responsibility of gathering firewood which is an all day trip. The children walk from 6 am to return at 9 pm to collect firewood for cooking and for reading at night. Their journey is exhausting and dangerous as they fight extreme winds, 107 degree temperatures and bandits. The need to decrease firewood gathering trips is necessary for their safety and their families. In addition to harsh weather and environmental challenges, there has been a serious water shortage. The women and their families who survive daily in these conditions are so brave and true warriors of what the human spirit can do.
The safe stoves program helps reduce the trips for firewood and also helps with environmental conservation issues. Darfur Women Network provided 200 safe stoves to refugee mothers in the camps on International Women’s Day 2017 as a gift. For every stove provided, DWN also donates 3 trees to be planted in or around the camps.
We pledge to continue empowering these women and their communities. Thank you to all of our supporters who are directly impacting the lives of so many. Without your help, it would be a daunting task. We ask that those of you who are new to our organization please take time to read more about us and see what you can do to help!