Two women use brightly-colored and hand-crafted containers

Micro-Enterprise Program

About This Program:

The Micro-Enterprise Program, previously called The Women Empowerment Project, for refugee women living in the camps in Chad. Darfur Women Network creates opportunities for Darfuri women to generate their own income through handmade craft production such as making fuel efficient stoves and soap and providing them basic business education to ensure income generating success. This program is a bridge to DWN’s other income generating programs by teaching marketing, basic economics, financial accountability and team-building. Through this program Darfuri women learn the foundations of business education necessary to select and master their skill, and begin to provide for their families.

The Need:

Many families have been in the camps for as many as eight years. Income generating opportunities have been few and far between. Prior to this program the only means for refugee women in these camps to generate income had been collecting firewood which perpetuates desertification and increases safety risks. This project was created in response to heartbreaking stories of violence and poverty and the necessity to empower women. With thousands of families living in refugee camps, it is imperative to reestablish a sense of community and self sufficient income independence.

What Can We Do To Make This Happen:

Darfur Women Network believes that the implementation of The Micro-Enterprise Program in the refugee camps in Darfur and Chad is essential to create income for the families. This program helps provide financial stability for women that have been at the camps for years. By supporting this program or other programs such as SoapMaking Program or 7,000 Safe Stoves for Darfur Refugee Mothers, you too can help empower women to be the beacons of strength and success in their communities.

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