heart healthy salads

Come Join Us For Our “Modify Your Cultural Recipes for Heart Healthy Options” Nutrition Session

Our next nutrition session, Modify Cultural Recipes for Heart Healthy Options takes place tomorrow Tuesday, July 12, 6pm in the basement of Masjid Al Fajr.
We will learn how to incorporate label reading, meal planning and grocery shopping tips as well as prepare a simple nutritious dish that everyone will love.

Come join us! Bring a friend! We are looking forward to seeing you there. For further questions, contact us online or through our website. The lectures are delivered by Kathryn Parrish who is a registered dietitian with 30 year experience working for hospitals, clinics, and communities.

We will be hosting classes twice a month, Tuesday’s from 2-4pm.

For the complete schedule of sessions, including dates and topics covered, please take a look here