About The Program:

The Soapmaking Program focuses on providing 10 groups of refugee women with training, ingredients and tools to produce body and laundry soap to sell to over 29,000 refugees from Darfur for an affordable price.The Soapmaking Program teaches women about hygiene education and provides an income generating opportunity that encourages financial stability, thus empowering women. In addition to personal empowerment, this program has a vastly positive impact on the community. It helps reduce illness, improve overall health and well-being of the refugees in the camp. Working together through this program encourages team building and community.

The Need:

Many refugees displaced by the Darfur Conflict do not have regular access to personal hygiene items. The United Nations ceased the distribution of soap and many refugees are unaware of hygiene education. This lack of basic necessity results in ongoing disease, unsanitary conditions, overall poor health and malnutrition among the children in the camp. In addition to unsanitary conditions, many refugee women have no source of income; meaning they cannot provide for themselves or their families effectively.

What We Need To Make This Happen?

By supporting this project, you will help us provide the training, ingredients and tools needed to help groups of women within the refugee camp to produce body and laundry soap to be used as an income generating opportunity. By producing soap within the camp, we can help decrease the risk of diseases, provide and highlight the importance of personal hygiene. This program is sustainable and locally run by refugees in the camp.

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