Staff & Board

Staff & Board

Mastora Bakhiet

Mastora Bakheit

Executive DIrector
Ms. Bakhiet is the founder and Executive Director of Darfur Women Network, Inc. (DWN). She holds a master’s of arts degree in Intercultural Service, Leadership, and Management. She is also the founder of Darfur Women Peace & Development Network, Inc.

Ms. Bakhiet has a strong connection with those displaced by the Darfur Conflict as well as with refugees from Africa and in the US. Her background provides direct communication and deep understanding of the Darfur people and refugees removing all linguistic or cultural barriers.

Ms. Bakhiet designed and implemented the programs for DWPDN and DWN. The programs are designed for both Darfur refugees residing in Chad and refugee immigrants in the US. She works and partners with various organizations and institutions to implement project efficiently. Ms. Bahkiet has extensive experience in women’s development, economic empowerment, social change, and agriculture and food security.



    Mr. Hamid holds a bachelor’s of science degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Khartoum, Sudan. He served as the director of an engineering and transportation company in UAE. Mr. Hamid worked as construction Director for Minister of Interior-Projects Directories in Sultanate of Oman and now runs his own importing and exporting business. His experience in commercial and residential construction, roadways, contractors, building material, human resources management, monitoring and evaluation is invaluable to Darfur Women Network, Inc.

    As native of Darfur, as most Board members whose family were killed, injured or displaced by the conflict, he too has been affected first hand by the genocide in Darfur. Mr. Hamid has devoted himself to assist, advocate and participate community restoration, refugee empowerment and sustainable peace in Darfur, Sudan.


    Mr. Adam earned his master’s degree in Business Administration in the USA in 2010 and a bachelor’s degree from High Institute in Sudan for Banking and Finance in 2000. Prior to joining Darfur Women Network, Inc., Mr. Adam worked for Darfur People Association of New York, Inc. as Executive Board Under Foreign Relation. He joined DWN with the goal to manage, improve and oversee the organization’s financial status enabling the volunteers and staff to better meet goals.

    Mr. Adam is passionate about using his education, background and connections to lead, educate and learn from other members to ensure the most effective and successful financial committee. He is dedicated to support all peace-building projects, sustainable development, and assistance for Darfur refugees that will improve their lives, empower them and encourage self-sufficiency.


    Mr. Haroun holds a bachelor’s degree in Banking and Finance from Sudan in 2010. He is a devoted advocate for peace and the end of genocide in Darfur for all regions and in his own village where his family were living during the conflict.

    In 2014, Mr. Haroun joined Darfur Women Network, Inc., to educate himself further and assist others in peace-building, development, social justice, and regional stability. He has demonstrated the diligence and fortitude to truly help those affected by the conflict. Mr. Haroun’s shared goal with DWN is for the people of Darfur to return home to a safe, normal community environment with the human rights they deserve in their own country.

We work to empower displaced women and vulnerable families to build peaceful and sustainable livelihood through education, social change and resiliency.

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